Episode 1

Euro 2020 is almost here!

Euro 2020 is almost here and so a brand new, daily podcast is born.

Charles Commins, Danny Brothers and Neil Egerton-Scott open up their Euros account with at least double the pizazz England managed to muster up against Austria.

Gareth Southgate's plethora of right backs leads to a discussion of who should play at left back, swiftly followed by our picks for this year's winner of England's Best Hair On A Footballer's Head award.

There's also opening ceremony chat and a steward from Middlesbrough is found to cleverly disguised as a character from popular board game, Guess Who.

Search 'Euro 2020 To Me' on social media to find us, and email us here: euro2020tome@gmail.com.

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Title Music "Building A Fort" by Cody Martin

Artwork by DPA Design

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